10 Reasons to Play Online Casinos!

The number of people trying their hand at an online casino is growing daily. Even people who live in Vegas, are visiting online casinos.

Far from being something that should be feared, online casinos actually offer a number of advantages over their land based counterparts.

01. You're forced to keep better records online. A lot more people SAY they keep accurate records than actually DO keep accurate records. Most players try to keep a rough idea of how they are doing in their heads, and being human, they tend to conveniently forget about the losses and remember the wins.

Playing online, it's impossible to guestimate your results. At Casino Rewards you have two tools to help you keep accurate records. CashCheck will automatically keep track of all your banking transactions and PlayCheck will keep a record of your play history and all outgoing and incoming funds. Both of these can be accessed by you at any time.

02. You can take your time at an online casino. There are no other people at the table or people waiting to get on your slot machine. You can go and make another cup of tea while you decide whether to hit or stand!

03. You don't need to tip the dealer. It is customary at land based casinos to tip the dealers. Over time, this can accumulate into a considerable spending for the player. At an online casino, this is another factor that you can dismiss!

04. You have better odds at an online casino. As strange as it might seem, online casinos often offer better odds for the player than land based casinos. If you take into consideration the amount of money land based casinos spend on rent, staff, and other operating expenses, they are not in a position to offer great odds whereas online casinos avoid all these additional costs.

05. There are no distractions at an online casino. Bad decisions can be made by players at land based casinos due to distractions and noise on the casino floor. Making a decision relating to your hard earned cash certainly deserves your full attention. It has even been said that it is part of land based casino tactics to distract players with lights and noise.

06. No travel costs or other incidentals. You're not paying for your refreshments online or paying for gas to get to the casino. Just slip on your favorite pair of slippers and get comfortable in front of your computer.

07. Online casinos offer great loyalty programs. It would be rare to find a land based casino that could offer you money back every time you wager. With online casinos, you can accumulate points and cash them back into the casino to play with.

08. The competition is high with online casinos. This means that online casinos offer great start up bonuses and promotions to players that you just wouldn't find at a land based casino.

09. Online casinos offer fair and honest gaming. Reputable online casinos are members of the Interactive Gaming Council and operate under their code of conduct guaranteeing fair and honest gaming. They also have independently reviewed Random Number Generators, the results of which should be published on their website by Independent Auditors.

10. Your cash is totally safe at an online casino. Whilst the thought of handing over bank details etc at online casinos can be daunting for some, be assured that the use of 128-Bit encryption means that every transaction is totally secure.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all online casinos are totally honest though. Check the websites and make sure that they are independently reviewed and use appropriate security measures. And most of all, have fun!

The online casinos that you can find here at Smart Players are selected based on clear criteria and you can play with confidence that your winnings will be paid and paid in time. See our online casino reviews to find out detailed information and comments on about 100 trusted online casinos or see Top 10 online casinos.

Source: Casino Rewards.

Casino Rewards online casinos include Blackjack Ballroom, Golden Tiger, Virtual City Casino, Strike It Lucky, Lucky Emperor, Zodiac Casino, and Yukon Gold.

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