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Largest Online Progressive Jackpot From Great Britain.

InterCasino player Crazydaiz has made her way into the record books by becoming the largest English InterCasino jackpot winner in history after hitting a $211,921.96 (£132,388) payout on their RAGS TO RICHES progressive slot machine.

Crazydaiz, a director in health services redesign, thought that her computer was playing a joke on her when the winning symbols aligned themselves on her monitor. "I sat there for a few minutes and then thought - 'what am I doing just sitting here, I just won $211,921.96' and then I ran upstairs and woke up my boyfriend." - tells the excited winner.

Crazydaiz is still in a state of "jackpot shock" after winning what she rightly describes as "just enough money to change your life". She credits a portion of her luck to her Irish decent, but the rest to keen woman's intuition. Crazydaiz had shut down her computer and was heading to bed before her intuition told her to go back online and have another spin. She rebooted the computer, logged back on to InterCasino, and two spins later won her pot of gold.

Crazydaiz will be using her fortune to pay off her debts, some to send her entire family on holiday, and some to purchase a beautiful holiday retreat in Portugal. "My family travel quite a bit and I know that there will always be someone that wants to use the holiday house. I look at it as a good investment too".

If there is one person even more excited about Crazydaiz's win than Crazydaiz, its InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley. "This is the largest winner we have had from the UK. We are getting more and more winners from Europe each day and I have been anxious to beat our old British record. I knew it would happen soon, and I don't think it could have happened to a nicer person." Said Hartley who added, "you should expect more giant-sized winners like Crazydaiz coming from the UK and from all across Europe."

Source: InterCasino.

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