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The Biggest Online Jackpot So Far - $85,801 Was Hit By Player RONDA At Slotland Online Casino.

The biggest online progressive jackpot so far, $85,801, was hit on September 23, 1999 by player RONDA from Colorado, USA at Slotland online casino. Although the account is called RONDA, the lucky winner was a nice lady named Elizabeth. There is her story:

It was my sister Ronda's birthday, and I decided to get some of her friends together for drinks and a dinner and then a movie. I spent weeks planning the meal: homemade lasagne with a fresh garden salad and Italian bread (all Ronda's favourites). Ronda and her friends came over to my apartment at seven in the evening as planned and we had a really good meal. Ronda was surprised that I managed to get in touch with an old friend of hers from high school, Tracy.

Tracy had went on to study business after high school and is now managing a large casino in Monte Carlo. She travels to the States several times a year, but usually for only short visits. This time round I was able to catch her before she left and to invite her to Ronda's party. Tracy had so many interesting stories to tell about the casino business and watching the jet set come and go, spend incredible sums of money, and risk huge amounts of cash ... on the roulette wheels, the crap tables, the slot machines - you name it, they play it.

These stories were amazing. Half way through dinner, Tracy had us all wanting to make a trip to Monte Carlo and spend a weekend rubbing elbows with the well to do. Needless to say, Ronda was really fascinated. She was already talking about saving money and planning vacation time from work. But Tracy told us that we could have our own similar experiences without even leaving the house. I couldn't believe it. But she told us about your casino, Slotland. I had never visited your website: I only use the Internet for e-mailing, and the kids use it when researching information for school.

In a few minutes after logging on, Tracy had us on our way. It was Ronda, Tracy, Carole, Linda, Susan and myself all huddled around the PC in our den, watching the Slotland homepage appear before us. We were all giggling like schoolgirls talking about the big money we would win on the Net. First Tracy showed us how to make bets, then we started pulling down the slots. Ronda went first. She bet four dollars, but came up empty handed. Then Linda took her turn. She wagered six bucks and registered the first winnings of the evening - twenty-five dollars. This was good encouragement. We played the slots for hours. I couldn't believe how much fun we were all having. And we hadn't even left the house. (I was glad I hadn't bought movie tickets in advance!!!) We were having so much fun in this virtual Monte Carlo that we didn't want to stop. My turn came around again and I put my money in the slot. I pulled down the lever and I couldn't believe it - the flashing screen, the word "JACKPOT", everything. I was shocked I won Jackpot. I couldn't speak. Ronda, Tracy, all the girls were hugging me and we were all screaming hysterically. It was unreal. I kept thinking to myself, "There's no way I will ever see this money." But I was wrong, the money was delivered onto my bank account two weeks later. And I was still speechless. I couldn't believe I had won. But this was great, because I could now give Ronda an even better birthday present. I could send her to see Tracy in Monte Carlo. I began immediately to phone around and compare prices for plane tickets. You should have seen Ronda's face when I brought her the tickets. Thank you Slotland for making this my sister's most memorable birthday ever!

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