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Speed, Excitement And Humour The Keys To Latest Games Releases From Microgaming.

muchos grande Four new games are now available at Microgaming powered online casinos. The November game releases from top gambling software provider Microgaming offer an eclectic mix of multi-featured video slots and innovative, high speed - high reward multi-hand games developed in answer to player demand.

'Loaded' video slot is a hugely entertaining 5 reel, 25 Line, multiple coin game with some brand new twists. For example, the Free Spin feature has a choice element through which players can select the number of free spins from options of 12, 16 or 24, each with its own multiplier.

Loaded has wild, scatter, free spin and gamble opportunities that can increase a jackpot of 35,000 to as high as 140,000, with plenty of fun and excitement on the way there.

The hip hop theme is captured in bright, amusing graphics with flashy boats, bling bling galore, limos, foxy ladies and cool dudes - look out especially for the top rapper Triple 7 who triggers the Wild symbol that can triple wins. The Gamble feature on this slot can make a major difference to winnings, which can double or even quadruple.

Blackjack players who like plenty of fast action should enjoy Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack as the first in an exciting and novel series of game-styles based on the multi-hand blackjack concept.

The game is a variation on the usually single-hand game Vegas Strip, and it will appeal to the many gamblers who like to play multiple hands of blackjack simultaneously. In this version a player can bet up to 5 hands at a time.

Vegas Strip Blackjack is an American hole card game played with 4 standard decks of 52 playing cards that are shuffled before each game. The aim is to beat the dealer's hand by either getting a higher value hand without exceeding 21, or by the dealer's hand going bust. A blackjack is the strongest hand in Vegas Strip Blackjack and can only be matched - not beaten. Splitting and doubling down are allowed under specific circumstances and insurance is offered.

The development team at Microgaming has used a well proved blackjack gaming engine to ensure smooth and fast action in the new games, which are presented with razor sharp and appropriately shaded graphics to create the right "feel" for the game.

The success of the recent launch of 100 Play Power Poker series has proved that there are many players who enjoy the fast action and big rewards available when simultaneously playing a hundred hands of poker, and this month we present the second game in this series - Jacks or Better 100 Play Power Poker.

The game carries a jackpot of 4,000 coins or 100,000, with a second highest pot of 1,000 coins with generous pay tables. In Jacks or Better every hand is dealt from a separate and independent deck of 52 cards. The useful range of facilities on the Viper software platform are available to players using this game.

Muchos Grande is a new 5 reel, 15 payline multi-feature video slot that is well named with its larger than life Australian-American big gaming style and a wealth of features: big jackpots, lots of fun, great graphics and super entertainment!

One look at these brightly coloured screens will tell you that you're in for a hot time, with sacks of gold, chili peppers, ancient treasure maps and happy hombres. Look out for the snakes - they're the Scatter symbols that can boost your winnings, whilst a muchos grande gold coin signals you've hit a Wild and that's more good news.

There's a special reward in the bonus game-within-the-game. A folded old treasure map in the right sequence means fortune will literally unfold providing the opportunity to pick out 5 places to search among the canyons, missions and caves of the Mexican scrublands...and reap some significant bonuses.

Final game this month is a slot that is full of features carried by an amusing contemporary theme in tune with the hip hop phenomenon and the lively, fun culture that goes with it. You can find all new games at all of the following recommended Microgaming casinos or Casino Rewards partners.

Source: Microgaming

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