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University Study Shows More Women Play At Online Casino Sites.

The United Kingdom's online casino industry has tripled its value since 1997 with figures today indicating a total value of 45 million pounds. The decision to regulate and legalise the industry has created substantial debate in the country, with social action groups expressing concern that higher numbers of Britons could lose out at the online casino than ever before. The government however says regulation will ensure that socially irresponsible operators of online casinos are prosecuted and that online casino players will enjoy greater protection.

A recent survey conducted by the University of Dundee has shown that players protection has been needed for some years. According to the study, a higher percentage of women in Scotland have turned to online casinos in recent years as a means of alleviating depression, emotional problems and failing relationships. Lesley McMahon, a research fellow at the University of Dundee, says women are particularly susceptible to developing gambling problems because of the different way in which they relate to online casinos compared their male counterparts.

However, despite her work on gambling addiction, McMahon is in favor of the government's approach to regulate the online casino industry. She is also no stranger to the world of online gambling herself. A former casino croupier, McMahon believes the government intends to seriously address the issue of gambling addiction through its reforms and has suggested an educational program similar to the state-funded campaign against domestic violence would be a useful step.

The popularity of online gambling grows and Internet casino operators open special casinos for women. Casino Partners has just unveiled its new client - Cameo Casino, the world's first online casino created especially for women. Cameo Casino was designed with today's woman in mind and was the result of input gathered from hundreds of our women players. The casino also offers first time depositors a 100% sign-up bonus up to an incredible $500 free.

It's a known fact that when it comes to online casino games, women enjoy them as much as men. But they do tend to prefer certain types of games. Slots casino games have always been popular with women players. Online bingo is also another favorite game amongst female players at online casinos. That being said, games like poker, which get a lot of media coverage, are also starting to really gain a lot of popularity at the online casinos with the female players.

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