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US Players: Is There Any Online Casino Payment Option For Us?

We think the issues concerning the recent US move to ban online casinos, Internet poker rooms, and payment processing are of interest for all US gamblers. Here we try to provide some interesting information for the currently available payment methods for U.S. players from the forum posts.

As for now US players are allowed to play at some Microgaming (MG) online casinos, but can't deposit! Neteller blocked all transactions for US customers. Click2Pay allows some operations for existing users but do not accept new registrations. The ATM debit cards may not work "worldwide"...

"At the present time our US players are not having an easy time finding a purchase method. NETeller, Moneybookers, Firepay, and credit cards are no longer an option. If you do not have a currently funded Click2Pay account, you will not be able to purchase using this method either." said the letter to a player from the casino manager of Trident Entertainment group's casino.

CasinoMeister member Mousey wrote the following review post on current online casino payment (deposit/withdrawal) solutions:

Summary (additional info and corrections welcome)

Deposits: NETeller has cut off all US customers, with the US DoJ holding US player's monies hostage - no deposits, no Peer2Peer, no cashouts at ATM w/their ATM card.

MG casinos that still allow US players are turning down debit cards (Net Spend and Visa Gift Cards) left and right - I'm seeing this in other forums, also. What's it like in RTG land?

Click2Pay still seems to work - for those who already have an account.

Western Union interrogates the sender and often will not accept transfers bound for a location beyond the end of the street.

For those that are willing to sign up at multiple processors, proprietary processors (such as those run by poker rooms and casino/sports books like Intertops) are working with credit cards - for the moment. (I looked at one of these the other day, and it was the 'buy long distance minutes, spend them at the casino' deal. WTF? [Wire Transfer] Are we going back to the dark ages?)

ECO Card is still working for those who have exiting accounts, and those who can figure out how to sign up and get this 'easy' method working.

I've drawn a blank on ePassPorte - are they accepting new sign ups? And are they still working at casinos?

Withdrawal (from the casino):

This is where everything is really up in the air. What may work one day, won't work the next.

ACH - This option comes and goes like the wind. The casino may let you do an ACH withdrawal, but you may find that either the casino processor blocks it, or it is blocked by your bank. You don't get your money either way.

Paper checks - Casinos have just about done away with this option altogether as they may bounce after you deposit them (as with ACH, either the issuing or receiving bank may block the transaction).

Wire Transfer - iffy.

Cashouts to C2P are working (where this is an option) but then you may not be able to get your money out of C2P as existing users can't withdraw to their banks unless the withdrawal is for $1500+.

Cashouts to other web wallets seem to still be working - where those methods are available (ePassporte, ECOcard, etc.)

Florida banks have been alerted by the Feds to pay special attention to gaming transactions. You can bet your sweet bippy that all other banks have been put on the same alert. (How banks have the time and manpower for this is another question.)

The fat lady is in full song at the Mousey's house. I won't be playing online again until the situation becomes more stable. I have neither the time nor the inclination to jump repeated hoops to spin a few reels...
See the original post:

We shoud add that ePassporte can be used in some of the Playtech/RTG casinos. However, Playtech online casinos do not accept US players. Unfortunately ePassporte is not a payment option in Microgaming casinos. May be MG casinos will implement it soon?

We have the page about all available payment methods, but it should be updated soon as there are a lot of changes in this area every day.

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