July 05, 2004.

Blackjack Tournament At InterCasino. Rules and FAQs.

Blackjack Tournamania at InterCasino.

In July InterCasino holds it's most popular tournament again: Blackjack TournaMania. Make sure to sign up for it and maybe you'll be the lucky first prize winner who gets an incredible $3000! Second prize is $1000 and the third prize is 10 x $100! The entry fee for this tournament is $25.

How to sign up for the tournament:

You can join anytime throughout the month by clicking on "game menu", then on "tournaments" and select "Blackjack TournaMania". On the right hand side of the screen you will see a "sign up now" button, just click on it and then click on "yes". The tournament entry fee of $25 will automatically be deducted from your Ecash account.

Tournament rules:

Once you've signed up your chip allowance is automatically set at $500* and your time allotment for the whole tournament is set at 1hr 30 mins.
Your goal in the tournament is to maximise your chips to the highest amount possible.
You do not have to use up your entire time allotment at one time, you can play, stop, exit the casino and play again at a later point. If you feel satisfied with the amount of your winnings and wish to stop without using your remaining time you can do so and your current chips will count towards the final rating.
Should you be playing while the tournament ends you will be allowed to finish your last hand.
To can check your ranking on the right hand side of the tournament screen.
The tournament starts on the 1st July at 0.01 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) and ends on the 31st July at 11.55 pm EST. The tournaments are held from time to time, so check out InterCasino website to see the schedule.
The winnings will be automatically credited to your account after the tournament finished.
Should two players tie they will split the prize money, i.e. if the first and the second player have the same amount of chips they will split the 1st and 2nd prize between them.

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