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 Gambling Tips: Top 12 Tips For Online Casino Gamblers

Don't play for real money until you understand game's rules.
Don't just relay on your luck but on your skill. The rules of the same game in different casinos may slightly differ, so read them first before placing any bets online. Most casinos allow you testing the games and playing just for fun before playing for real cash.

Don't spend more money then you can afford to loose.
Set your loss limits for a day. If you are familiar with stock market terminology, make a stop loss order. This way you will never loose more than a definite amount of money but you could win as much as possible with the games.

Set time limits when you are playing.
Gambling is very entertaining and you can play 20 hours before discovering it's time to go to work. Note that land based casinos will never put a clock before your face hoping your 5 minutes turn out into 5 hours.

Don't increase your bets too much when you are winning.
The playing tactics may differ depending your risk tolerance and the game. However, if you win several times it is more likely that later you will hit loosing streaks more often. Be prepared to loose something and don't loose everything in one or two big stakes by doubling or tripling your bets.

Read withdrawal policy of the casino you play.
Don't think you will receive all your big winnings on the next day you break a jackpot. Most casinos set some monthly limits for withdrawals, some casinos won't let you withdraw until you receive a PIN number from them by mail or require numerous pieces of identification be faxed to them. If the rules on withdrawals are not spelled clearly, find another casino. All casinos listed here provide multiple and convenient withdrawal options.

Have a problem with casino?
Relax. Most problems that are experienced by online casino clients are resolved quickly and usually in the clients favor. Online casinos are big competitive businesses and they rely on prompt customer service and retaining customers. If you do not receive the answer to your question or the answer to your claims is unacceptable, notify the Online Players Association or contact Ted Loh at Got2bet (for problems with a MicroGaming software casinos). You can also contact me.

Don't abuse bonus offers.
Don't re-register using another name in order to get the bonus again. The casinos can get pretty hostile over such tricks and some of them can even freeze your accounts and withhold your winnings. Choose another casino from the same software provider (see bonuses here) or casino that offers monthly bonuses and players comps.

Bonus wagering.
Remember that before cash out bonus money (and your probable winnings) all casinos require you to play the bonus money several times. Some of them want you to play 2 or 3 times the bonus money (e.g. make a total of 3*bonus or even 3*[bonus+deposit] bets), others may set 20-times limit and do not count roulette, blackjack, baccarat etc. bets.

Odds of the games.
The odds or avarage payout percentages can seriously differ for different games. In fact, some progressive slots can pay back just 80% (if you do not bet max) of your bet, while others return 98% of your bet, on average. The highest odds can be found at blackjack tables and in video poker games. The lowest ones are typically set for keno, bingo, American roulette (94,6%) and some slots. As for the slots, we would recommend you playing 5 or more reel video slots with large number of paylines and winning combinations, and increased payoff percentage, instead of classic 3 reel slot machines. If you play progressive slot machine always play maximum number of coins (the coin size does not matter - you may choose the lowest one) in order to have the highest odds and a chance to win the jackpot.

Gambling systems.
You can find a lot of gambling sites and portals offering gambling systems and promising you huge earning each hour of your game play. The truth is very simple: all systems fail to give you the edge over the house on the long run. Some experienced blackjack players can take advantage of a card counting and increase their odds but the edge, if any, is very small and the application of this method is very limited at online casinos today. See this featured review article about gambling systems and strategies to avoid common myths.

Jackpot hunters' strategy and gaming systems.
Start playing large progressives when the jackpot amount is over an average number or, better, close to the all-time height. E.g. your ROI and the probability to win Major Millions jackpot is much higher when the pot stands at, say, $1.5 mln... You can also start with small jackpots when they are near the maximum, see reviews of almost all online jackpots here.

Enjoy the game.
Whether you win or loose today, enjoy the time you play. Change the game or decrease you bet size if you lose. Don't be frustrated too much with the loss, tomorrow will be the winning day as far as you enjoy the time you play.

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