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The Dream Car Gargage Comes True! Madaline R. Wins $36,292.36 Playing Cash Splash At Vegas Villa.

cash splash Madaline R. won $36,292.36 progressive jackpot playing Cash Splash Slot at Vegas Villa online casino on July 9, 2004. "This jackpot will enable my family to have more garage space. We all have hobbies but not enough space for all the tools to stay set up." said the winner. Cash Splash is a popular 3 reel single payline slot machine game developed by Microgaming. Now you can play enhanced 5 reel 15 payline version of the game connected to the shared progressive jackpot. The recent winner Madaline R answered the following questions of a Jackpot Madness manager:

What did you do when you realized you'd hit the jackpot?
When I realized that I had won a big one, my husband was pulling out of our driveway for work. I tried to yell at him to stop so that he could see the screen. He could not hear me so I called his cell phone and told him that he had to turn around this minute and come see the computer screen. Of course, he was not very enthusiastic about that, but he did. He came in and said "OK, what is so important?" I told him to look. Once it sank in, he said "Oh my god that's the big garage I have always wanted to build.

How will you spend your winnings?
Well, since he has put up with me all these years, he gets to build the big garage that he has always wanted to build on our property. My 16 year old son, who takes up all the space in our garage with all his motor toys, said "I'll believe it when I see it." Then he asked if that means he gets to use both bays in our current garage. He already does. Our cars have never been in our garages or carport. I'm really not being unselfish in that I'm going to move my son out of our current garage and make him share the new garage with his dad. After all, I should get something for all the hard work my finger did to hit the JACKPOT. FUN FUN FUN.

What do you do for good luck?
What I do for good luck is: Do onto others as I want them to do to me. I also think good karma helps.

What is your dream holiday destination?
My dream vacation is to get my mother to take a cruise through the Panama Canal. My father recently past away and my mother has been depressed since. The cruise is something she has always wanted to do. Now that I have won the JACKPOT maybe I can talk her into doing it with me and my sister.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
About me, I am married have 4 children. Three girls 34, 35 and 37 years old and a 16 year old son. I am 54 and still love to go to rock concerts. My husband is 62 and loves classical music. Therefore, our kids have had exposure to all music. One of our daughters teaches music and my son plays the sax and the clarinet. He now spends his time learning to play my drums and guitar. This JACKPOT will enable my family to have more garage space. We all have hobbies but not enough space for all the tools to stay set up. My son has made 2 motorcycles from scratch and likes welding art objects. I am always using a table saw and table miter and would like a wood and metal lathe. My husband would like to restore the old cars we have gathered over the years and have a place to keep them. A new garage will stop a lot of arguments over work space. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

Source: Jackpot Madness

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