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The One-A-Day Freeroll And Iron Man Challenge Promotion Winner At Full Tilt Poker Room.

2K FTP Freeroll

The One-A-Day Freeroll

It's time to supplement your bankroll by earning just one point every day. As a part of the Iron Man Challenge, Full Tilt Poker has the One-A-Day Freeroll tournament. Earn just one Full Tilt Point every day of the month and you'll qualify for an exclusive $2K Freeroll. If you'd prefer not to play in the Freeroll, you can exchange your tournament entry for 15 bonus medals for use in Full Tilt Poker's Iron Man Store. If, for example, you qualify for FTP's Gold Freeroll in your fifth month, you can exchange your tournament entry for 70 Iron Man medals.

Participating in the Iron Man Challenge takes skill and dedication. The One-A-Day Freeroll is a great way to start honing those skills. Earning just one point every day may sound easy to some, but it takes true devotion and commitment. Players have to earn that point every day of the month, or they will not qualify for the Freeroll.

You can check your status for the One-A-Day Freeroll by going through the "My Promotions" page in the Cashier and then clicking on the "Iron Man Challenge" link. Don't forget to earn your point every day of the month. After all, your bankroll needs all the supplements it can get.

For players who go beyond 200 points a day, FTP has Iron Man Plus. By earning a minimum of 500 Full Tilt Points in a day - and qualifying for any of the four Iron Man Levels - you can earn extra Iron Man medals for use in FTP Iron Man Store. With each new plateau you reach, you will earn more medals - up to 20 extra medals per day.

Iron Man Challenge winner story

Last month, player czee2212 made Full Tilt Poker history and won $50K by defeating 3 Full Tilt Poker pros in heads-up play, proving that on any given day, any player has a chance to compete on par with the very best in the game. czee2212's road to Iron Man Challenge history began when he won the Silver Freeroll tournament. He then went on to best the Iron Man Challenge Freeroll winners in a 4-player SNG (Sit 'n Go), earning the opportunity to play Clonie Gowen, Brad Booth, and Erik Seidel in consecutive heads-up matches. By scooping all three pros, czee2212 added $50,000 to his previous Iron Man Challenge winnings.

Source: Full Tilt Poker

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