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LUCK OR SKILL? Slotland Casino Players Tell It Like It Is.

We asked what Slotland players felt about luck versus skill when playing online. The responses were great and we provide the top six reasons (3 each) for using skill or luck while playing at $lotland.

They Think It Is Luck...

GEORGIE1874 said:
To win a buck, I push my luck by playing really steady, then the cash goes in my stash as Slotland's always ready. You need to try, as time goes by,all the games they offer; your frequent play from day to day, helps luck fill up your coffer.

HARTS said:
I love playing your games at Slotland and feel that the few times I have won have been luck. I was very lucky one time. I only deposited $10 because I was very low on funds. I was able to run that $10 up to $500 and was able to pay my rent which was a blessing. I just kept saying a little prayer the whole time I was playing about how much I really needed to win some money.

PSEK927 wrote:
do not believe there is any "skill" involved in gambling - it is all luck! I have found that the less I expect to win, the more that I do win, So when settling in to play, I try not to envision a a big win!! I Other than that I don't do anything special or have any "magic" - I just play and let the computer fall where it may!

They Think It Is Skill...

FRANK35 wrote:
Starting with around $25 in my account I play Jacks or Better for $3 bets, keeping one high card with a small pair on a deal seems to work quite often!! I hit two pair a lot and still get trips more than you would think!! Smaller payouts come up most of the time on poker, so when I have a deal I can play two ways I usually go for the smaller payout hand!! When my system has been working properly and I have increased my money account I will occasionally go for the bigger hit and increase my betting amount!! My system is play one game till it cools down, then go to the next machine and utilize my system again! $lotland's games seem to be unique in the manner of playing a game for a while and then switching to another game only to return to the original game and having it pay out great once again!! The other skill I like to try at times is playing minimum bets for a while and then throw in a maximum bet every so often to time your bigger payouts!!
$lotland rewards skilled players!!

SIMON777 said:
I believe that playing the bonus on the Booster game is the best way to increase your winnings. The way I have played this is to gamble x 10 on the Booster with a minimum bet; if it doesn't win, then I bet maximum ($5) up to six spins. So far this system has never failed to keep my credits healthy. My personal failing is in trying to win big often by betting $5 x 10 too often on the Boost round. Nonetheless, Slotland's Booster has given me many hours of enjoyment.

BLONDEANGEL888 answered:
When the green light comes on in Heavy Metal, I use skill by knowing what to hold. When I play Treasure Box, I think it is a lot of luck. I love all your games, especially Golden 8; after all diamonds are forever!

Source: $lotland Online Casino

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