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eCOGRA Responsible Gambling Standards Described As Comprehensive And Practical.

ecogra GamCare, the UK problem gambling charity, and eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) pooled their expertise in London last week to train almost 40 online casino managers on the principles of responsible gambling, and how to identify and handle problem gamblers.

Delegates travelled from their bases around the world to attend the 2 day intensive training course, which featured lectures, case history studies and interactive training exercises supervised by expert GamCare officials Andrew Poole and Amy Webster. The course covered all aspects of responsible Internet gambling and the now well established principles for handling this important management function which eCOGRA "Safe and Fair" sealed gambling venues are required to use.

Former UK Gaming Board Chief Inspector, GamCare Trustee and eCOGRA Independent Director Bill GalstonOBE welcomed delegates to the course, stressing the critical importance of a coherent and professional responsible gambling program at online gambling establishments.

"For both humanitarian and ethical reasons - and to correct adverse misperceptions by some - a comprehensive responsible gambling policy is a critical investment for any online gambling operation," he said. "eCOGRA has made huge strides in this area in developing a set of best practice requirements for online gambling operations, and this third course on the subject will coach managers in how to apply these tools.

"On this course we are especially pleased to also welcome experienced casino managers from major companies that are members of the European Gaming and Betting Association, adding to the pool of experience that makes these occasions such a valuable two-way exchange of knowledge," he said.

Andrew Poole, managing director of GamCare's Trade Services Limited company conducted a thorough review and explanation of the eCOGRA responsible gambling requirements and standards, describing them as both comprehensive and practical.

"This course will give you sufficient information and insight to set up a solid responsible gambling program at your companies if you have not already done so," he said, stressing the need for training and making responsible gambling a part of the corporate culture.

The eCOGRA standards provide minimum requirements in respect of warnings and options regarding problem gambling, self exclusion and control mechanisms for gamblers, promotional and advertising best practices in this area.

GamCare's Amy Webster conducted much of the training, which included expert tuition on the prevention of underage gambling, the psychology of problem gamblers, how to identify compulsive online players and the best way to handle cases of this nature.

eCOGRA CEO Andrew Beveridge wound up the course by addressing delegates: "I believe I can safely say that this course is the best we have held to date, not only in terms of expert tuition from our colleagues at GamCare, but also due to the commitment and experience which delegates have generously shared throughout.

"Responsible gambling is an absolutely essential operational element and I am confident that you return to your companies motivated and with the right tools to ensure that a quality responsible gambling policy is constantly reviewed and refreshed."

"Your commitment to eCOGRA has its roots in a real desire to be professional, responsible and above-average in your operational practice, and the responsible gaming aspect is now firmly entrenched as an integral part of our high standards necessary to achieve this level of business conduct."

About eCOGRA
eCOGRA is a non-profit London-based organisation that sets online gambling standards and provides an international framework for best operational and player protection practice requirements, with particular emphasis on responsible gambling. These are enforced through inspections and reviews, and continuous monitoring of participating gambling sites.

Companies that have achieved accreditation with eCOGRA are entitled to bear the organisation's "Safe and Fair" seal, indicating to players everywhere that all operational systems and games are fair and continuously monitored to consistently high standards. The growing number of tier one online gambling companies who have achieved the right to display the eCOGRA seal includes 106 of the most established and successful online casinos and poker rooms on the Internet. Accreditation remains open to all software companies and their operators. For more information, go to

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