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Slotland Online Casino Released Its New Game - Striking Sevens - A Variation Of The Popular Deuces Wild Video Poker.

All Slotland's players should know by now that the casino has added a 10th game, Striking Sevens, to its list of unique, fun and rich games. Striking Sevens allows all four of the seven cards to be WILD, meaning that they can replace any other card to make the very best poker hand possible.

And players have been making very good poker hands with Striking Sevens already! So far, there are over one dozen players match up all four sevens, for a 200 credit win! There is even one daring player attempt to double their win... and win it for a total of 400 credits! The most amazing thing was that this player was playing maximum bets ($10 per deal), which meant a $2,000 win BEFORE attempting the double feature. Yes, this player walked away with $4,000 just by playing Striking Sevens! Now that is gutsy, but sometimes you need to be gutsy to get that lucky!

Additionally, there are two players hit a natural Royal Flush on Striking Sevens so far. None of these Royal Flushes were hit with a maximum bet, or you would have seen the announcement on our front page (catching a Royal Flush on a maximum bet wins the jackpot!). But it is obviously simply a matter of time before one of astute and daring $lotland players lays down a maximum bet and watches a Royal Flush unfold before their eyes. It could be you, if you give it a shot!

As you can see from the above facts, Striking Sevens is a rich and rewarding game. If you have not yet tried Striking Sevens, we suggest that you check it out... who knows, you too may strike it rich on Striking Sevens! Join $lotland now, click the link below.

Source: $lotland

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