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Gambling Trivia - The History Of Casino By Slotland.

In 1626 in Venice, for the first time a public gambling house was legalized. Soon the high Venetian society met in so-called little-houses or "casini" to indulge in everything from business dealings, politics, gambling and more carnal pleasures. "Casino" became synonymous with vice and perdition. Taking Venice as a model, gambling houses spread in many spa resorts throughout Europe.

Massachusetts Puritans passed America's first law against gambling in 1638.

Madame de Montespan, second wife of Louis XIV, once lost 4 million francs in a half-hour at the gambling table.

In 1860, Monaco was a principality in great financial troubles when a man named Francois Blanc proposed to open a casino to bail it out. Three years later, the "Societe des Bains de Mer" was born with the opening of the casino in what was to become the most famous and glamorous gambling place on earth, Monte-Carlo.

Secure, relatively high-yielding stocks came to be called blue chips, a term taken from the game of poker, where blue chips are more valuable then white or red chips.

The kings in decks of playing cards represent real leaders and conquerors from history, although not all had the title of king. The deck we use today is based on cards designed in 15th-century France. The king of spades represents the Biblical King David, the king of clubs represents Alexander the Great, the king of hearts represents Charlemagne and the king of diamonds represents Julius Caesar.

The four suits represent civilizations that have influenced our culture. Spades represent the Middle East of Biblical times, clubs represent Greece, diamonds represent the Roman Empire, and hearts represent the Holy Roman Empire.

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