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Leaving Las Vegas For Slotland - Reviews Of Online Gambling Benefits.

I recently had an opportunity to visit Las Vegas. This was my first trip back to a casino-laden town since finding the great online gaming to be had at $lotland, about 4 years ago. Of course, once I discovered $lotland and the wonderful benefits of playing online, I was convinced that online gambling is the only way to go for true and committed gamblers. But it never hurts to go back to where it all seemed to begin and test my theory that $lotland is infinitely superior to any land-based casino. This was my time to challenge my own beliefs!

I did my best to enter Las Vegas with an open mind, even though my bias was clearly in favor of $lotland at my time of entry. But I reminded myself that over time, one tends to forget certain small aspects which may or may not change the way I think. However, it did not take very long for me to be reminded why online gambling holds a clear and distinctive edge of land-based casinos.

First off, the glitter and sounds can be interesting when you first arrive, but pretty soon it becomes much too bright and loud for me, and from the looks of it, for most of the other players. Yes, there is a plethora of machines and games from which to choose, but after roaming around and around, you get the sense that you are in a hall of mirrors, with pretty much the same machines offered over and over. The only difference is that now I got the chance to elbow my way in to a machine, fighting off other players desperate to lose their money!

Unfortunately, I was quickly recalling one of my first points of arguing in favor of $lotland and online gaming. As I had a late afternoon flight, by the time I arrived, I was tired and hungry, so my gaming would have to wait until I settled in and ate some food. After a hefty tip for bringing my bags to my room, I prepared for a nice meal. And indeed it was a nice meal, but once more I was assailed by a bevy of waiters and waitresses, who served me well but of course received a very nice tip for the superior service. So even before I found a machine, I found my bankroll dwindling! But I decided, as tired as I was, I would try a machine or two before heading to my room for a good night's sleep. I latched on to a machine, and spun away $20 before it hit me as to how tired I really was, so I went back to my room, promising myself that after a good rest, I would have more patience and time to find the right machine.

The next day, I had some business to work on, so it wasn't until evening that I had my chance at some real casino gaming! I viewed the massive number of machines and then finally just grabbed one that did not seem too annoying and went to work. Once I selected a machine, the self-doubt began to gnaw at me. "Did I choose the right machine, or should I have chosen the one to the left (or to the right) of me?" "Did I choose the right slot game to play (even though most machines offer the same confusing and low payouts, just with a different theme)?" "Is some annoying person going to plop down beside me and start to bother me?"

It took little time for my third question to be answered. No sooner had I settled in and painfully watched my bankroll slip away into the black hole of my machine, and I was treated by the appearance of a middle-aged woman, who in little time, told me her life story. And I found myself praying that I would lose this bankroll as soon as possible, just to get away from her! Not what I would call a smooth start to my gambling session!

Fortunately, the very tight machine granted my wish and I found myself down $50, a price well worth paying to get away from a person who continued to inform me of her good luck and why my luck was not as good as hers. I decided then and there that her good luck was probably due to the fact that every neighboring player used all their might to get away from her. I even wondered if she was hired by the casino to encourage players to lose as fast as they can, but considering the mobs of players from every part of America, I presumed they did not need a shill to wring out the quarters and silver dollars from their customers. Their machines did quite a good job on their own!

I tried another bank of machines (now I know why they call them "banks" of machines, because whatever you deposit into them becomes instant cash for the casino owners!) in a quiet corner. About that time, I was already losing my concentration and interest in my machine, and my eyes wandered about looking for something to keep my interest as I spinned away my next bankroll of $50. What caught my interest almost made me laugh out loud. At first, as I was simply skimming across the bank of machines at which I played, I saw a 97% pay out announcement. Of course, I thought of $lotland's superior 98% certified payback, but I soon saw that I missed the fine print. The machine actually said, "Up to 97% pay out!" So, according to my interpretation, the BEST I could do was get a 97% payback, but more likely I would get much less than that. And of course, I was once more proved correct in my assumption, as I watched my next bankroll disappear within minutes.

I had two more days in Vegas, but they were pretty much the same as my first two days. My conclusion is as follows: If you seek fantastic entertainment and are willing to pay the price, Las Vegas is a great adventure. But if you are a true gambler, wisely seeking the best odds available to you, online gaming at $lotland is the ONLY way to go! So I found myself happily leaving Las Vegas for $lotland!

Source: $lotland's Newsletter

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